300 homes could be built in Holmgate and Old Tupton if permission is granted

A planning application has been submitted to North East Derbyshire District Council for 300 new dwellings to be built just off Coupe Lane in Holmgate.

The plans are for a piece of agricultural land, which spans over 14 hectares. The developer says the new homes would not exceed 2.5 stories high, and 40% of the homes would be classed as 'affordable housing.'

Developers Hallam Land Management Ltd. also say that the amenities for the site would be provided by Clay Cross, with transport being provided to the town by two pairs of bus stops along Coupe Lane.

The application has received nine letters of objection from the public so far, with the main issues being centred around traffic on Coupe Lane and in the Holmgate and Old Tupton areas, along with the environmental impact of building on a greenfield site.

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