Alfreton residents set up independent foodbank to help people during Covid-19 pandemic

Volunteers in Alfreton have set up an independent foodbank to help people who are struggling during the pandemic

The initiative which began from an appeal on social media is now helping those in need across the area.

Hannah Jowett and her team have been taking donations from residents and giving them to families and residents who need it the most.

She told Peak FM people shouldn't have to worry about where their next meal is coming from: "People shouldn't have to struggle in this situation. Food is the last thing that people should be thinking about at the moment and how they're getting their hands on it so we thought that if we could take that pressure off them, then that would be one last thing for them to have to worry about.

"The people that normally need foodbanks have got that help already, that is already there in place for them, whereas other people that aren't usually in that situation haven't got that help so we thought we could do that for them."

To donate, volunteer, or request help, Hannah is contactable via the Alfreton Support Network page on Facebook or via mobile on 07476 819855.


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