Appeal for donations after four flats destroyed in Unstone fire

An Unstone resident has started an appeal for donations after a devastating fire which destroyed four homes over the weekend.

The blaze happened on Sunday morning in a flat on Old Whittington Lane and has left residents without many of their possessions.

Amy Higgins, who lives in Unstone has launched a gofundme page for those affected.

She told Peak FM: "They probably won't be able to get back in there for some time. Housing are still trying to sort out something permanent or temporary but up to now they're in hotels that are provided by housing but they're having to pay for their own food along with having to pay for all their possessions and everything else they've lost.

"Whether it's some free food just to help out with the cost of eating. It's expensive eating out. They don't have fridges or cooking equipment so if anyone can help out in that way it would be very much appreciated."

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