Approval given for new council homes in Brampton

Approval has been granted for Chesterfield Borough Council to build a further ten new council homes for local families in Brampton.

The council’s planning committee approved the plans at its meeting on Monday 28 January for a mix of ten new three and four bedrooms on the site of the former sheltered housing complex at Heaton Court.

Councillor Helen Bagley, Chesterfield Borough Council’s cabinet member for homes and customers, said: “It is 100 years since the Chesterfield Corporation, the forerunner of Chesterfield Borough Council, built the first council homes for local soldiers who had fought in the First World War.

“I am proud that we are continuing to provide new quality houses for local families and particularly that we are using the skills and expertise of our staff to build them.”

The new homes will be designed by the council’s in-house architectural services team and building work carried out by Fortem Solutions Ltd, which has carried out the refurbishment  of our older persons accommodation at Brocklehurst Court and Glebe Court.

The council aims to build 100 new council homes over the next five years.

Families are set to move into four new council homes at Rufford Close this spring.

Plans have been developed and approved for new homes at Manor Drive at Brimington and are also being developed for several other sites including Court Place in Middlecroft and the former Brockwell Court in Brockwell.

The council’s Local Labour Clause also means that the council will use local suppliers as part of the commitment to support local businesses.

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