Campaign launched urging North Derbyshire women to undergo cervical screening

Toady marks the start of cervical cancer prevention week, and women across North Derbyshire are being urged not to pass up the opportunity to get a smear test.

 It has been estimated that one in four women who are eligible for screening haven't taken the opportunity to be tested.

Medical experts are urging people in our area not to put off having the test done, as it could save your life.

Nurses Lisa Callaghan and Leanne Matusevics were on hand at Chesterfield Royal Hospital this morning in order to give patients vital information on cervical screening.

Lisa, who is head of nursing for Chesterfield Royal Hospital primary care said: "Sometimes there's a bit of embarrassment or just not really knowing what the test involves. Sometimes they're told things that might just put a negative thought in their head. We're here to speak to people to try and get past those boundaries."

Leanne, who is site lead nurse for Royal Primary Care Clay Cross and Grassmoor said: "If they ever have a query or they're unsure or want to speak to somebody before the test, they can book and appointment and we can go through all of it with them and show them the instruments. 

Meanwhile, volunteers at Be Cancer Safe North Derbyshire are also campaigning to get more women signed up to screening appointments. Hannah Sharpe said: We know that the younger age group, between 25 and 29, there's actually 1 in 3 not going. Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under the age of 35, so we want people to let go of any stigma they might have attached to it."

"Cervical screening can prevent 75 percent of cervical cancers so if you're invited we really want you to go because it's a really good way of picking up cancer at it's earliest stage."

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