Chesterfield boy awarded for saving his mum’s life during a rare double stroke

An incredibly brave eight-year-old boy who rang 999 when he found his mum crying and unable to speak has been presented with a special medal for his actions.

Mitchell Taylor, from Old Whittington near Chesterfield, immediately called for an ambulance when he realized his mum, Lauren, was poorly, and proceeded to follow instructions from our 999 call handler to carry out a stroke test.

Thanks to Mitchell’s quick-thinking and calm attitude on the phone, paramedics were able to help to 26-year-old Lauren within 10 minutes and save her life.

Lauren explained that she had been out into the garden to try to call their dogs in when she realised she couldn’t speak.

Unknown to Lauren, she had a tumour in her heart and two small pieces had broken off and lodged in different parts of her brain. She was therefore suffering a double stroke which could have killed her.

Kyle Thacker, a 999 call handler for EMAS, answered Mitchell’s call and tailored his questions so that Mitchell would understand what he was asking.

During the call, Mitchell reassured his mum, looked after his four-year-old brother, worked through the FAST stroke tool with Kyle, put their pet dogs away, unlocked the door and showed the ambulance crew where his mum was.

Paramedic Andy Hilton arrived first on scene followed by Paramedic James Bonner, Paramedic Ryan Mullins and Emergency Care Assistant Kevin Waddingham.

The ambulance crew took Lauren to Chesterfield Royal Hospital where she was treated for the double stroke, and she has recently received heart surgery to remove the tumour.

Following the phone call, 999 call handler Kyle Thacker nominated Mitchell for a Laverick bravery medal to recognise his actions on the day.

The Laverick award was presented to Mitchell in a surprise assembly on Tuesday, 10 July. Mum Lauren admits she's amazed by how well he handled the situation: "I was surprised because I'd not taught him anything. He knew to ring 999, but to speak like he did, I've not taught him anything like that."

Mitchell said: I just knew because 999 was the number to call, so I just rung the number. I am proud of myself."

Paramedic Andrew Hilton says his actions were remarkable: "If Mitchell hadn't done that on that day then there was no doubt that his mum, although very poorly, would have been even more severely poorly to a point where it could have been life or death.

"It is important that children of that age do know that if something goes wrong, if their parent becomes unconscious or not communicating, that they know they can ring 999."

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