Chesterfield Conservative candidate outlines plans to invest in roads, schools and health

The conservative party candidate for Chesterfield, Leigh Higgins has told Peak FM he'll back Boris Johnson's Brexit deal if he gets elected.

Mr. Higgins told Peak FM: "My ambition for Chesterfield is to deliver on the will of Chesterfield on the vote that they gave in 2016, but it is much more than just the Brexit vote.

"It's investment in infrastructure such as the A61, investing in our schools so every pupil in our schools so every pupil across Chesterfield gets more funding in primary and secondary education, more police officers on the street and very importantly for Chesterfield because being the market town that it is, cutting business rates for pubs, shops and cinemas. 

"I'm backing Boris's deal so if I become the MP for Chesterfield then I will be voting to leave the European Union by the 31st January.

"One of the major policies we have announced is £33.9 billion for the NHS, here in Chesterfield that means £19 million for the Royal, which also means more doctors and nurses. Importantly it means more GP's and more GP appointments, so Chesterfield residents can get seen to quicker."

Peak FM are featuring all the candidates standing in Chesterfield on-air and online throughout this week, including representatives from the Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, Green and Brexit parties, along with one independent candidate. 

Below is a full list of candidates standing in the upcoming election in the Chesterfield constituency:

  • Emily Coy (Liberal Democrat)

  • John Noneoftheabove Daramy (Independent)

  • Leigh Higgins (Conservative)

  • Neil Jackson (Green)

  • Toby Perkins (Labour)

  • John Scotting (Brexit)

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