Chesterfield couple who tragically lost their twins to rare condition aiming to raise more awareness of 'twin transfusion syndrome'.

Katy Lang and Liam Sutcliffe sadly lost their twins during pregnancy due to 'twin transfusion syndrome'.

A Chesterfield couple are campaigning to raise awareness about a rare condition that only occurs in twins.

Katy Lang and Liam Sutcliffe lost their baby girls Hallie and Harper to twin transfusion syndrome- which occurs when twins share the same placenta during pregnancy, which the former explained to Peak FM;

"The supply of all the nutrients, all of the blood, everything the baby needs to grow and develop, is being shared.

"This means the share of the placenta can go to one baby, and the other baby won't get enough of what it needs, whereas the other twin will get too much blood, so its heart can develop too fast."

Katy also told us she wants to raise money and awareness for families who have lost children in similar circumstances;

"We want to try and do what's right for our babies. We want to make sure that their presence has been known in this world. 

"If we can help someone else going through this then it's all worth it."

The couple are hosting an event in January at the Peak Edge Hotel for two charities known as 'Twin Trust' and 'Joel-The Complete Package'.

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