Chesterfield fundraiser completes 'Mongolia Marathon'

Daniel Jones took part in the event earlier this year.

A Chesterfield resident-who recently completed a '100 mile race' in Mongolia-says suffering a knee injury on the final day of the event wasn't going to stop him.

Daniel Jones told Peak FM what happened on the last stretch of the four day challenge; "My knee popped out with around eight kilometres left to go. It was facing the opposite way it should've been."

"Then the wind started picking up, the temperature dropped to around minus thirty-five degrees celsius, and I knew I was in a bit of trouble. So I just stopped, composed myself and plucked up the courage to pop my knee back into place."

Despite the injury, 36 year old Daniel says the fear of letting people down pushed him towards the finish line; "There was a lot of hype before the race. We'd raised a lot of money, and all my colleagues at work, along with my friends, kept telling me I had to complete it."

"I felt a lot of pressure, so that got me over the finish line."

His father Mark supported him throughout the task.

Daniel managed to raise over five thousand pounds for 'Children In Need' in the process.

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