Chesterfield legend Jack Reynolds provisionally breaks another Guinness World Record

He's due to become the oldest person to feature in a Soap.

107 year old Hollingwood resident Jack Reynolds has provisionally broken yet another Guinness World record.

He's due to become the oldest person to feature in a Soap, after Hollyoaks confirmed he impressed on set in Liverpool yesterday-with his scene scheduled to feature in future.

Mr. Reynolds was presented with the award on live television earlier this morning.

Guinness World Records Adjudicator Mark McKinley says Jack performed like a natural on set; "I thought he did absolutely fantastic. We spoke to the Hollyoaks team and they were very impressed with his performance, so it's looking very positive indeed."

"Jack's always been very driven and determined, so it was no surprise he was able to pull this one off."

Mr. McKinley also told Peak FM that discussions are underway to arrange a new challenge; "I know he's got a few ideas up his sleeve already, so we're already preparing for Jack's 108th birthday."

Previously, he's smashed world records for being the oldest person to ride a roller coaster, go on a zip wire and get a tattoo.

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