Chesterfield man calls for the town's pubs and clubs to end the use of glass bottles following the death of his cousin last weekend

Liam Robotham is aiming to make nights out in our patch safer.

A Chesterfield man is aiming to end the use of glass bottles in the town's pubs and clubs after his cousin was killed last weekend.

Joe Robotham died on Sunday evening after suffering a critical blow to the head with a bottle in the early hours of Saturday outside the 'Vibe' bar.

Since then, Liam Robotham's set up an online petition in a bid to prevent similar things happening to others in future;

"Me and Joe were always close, we never fell out or anything. Obviously, this has been devastating. 

"I don't want any other family to have to go through this.

"If you're going around town drinking and stuff, it's meant to be for pleasure isn't it?

"It shouldn't ever end with someone losing their life or being permanently scarred.

"It happens way more often than it should nationally, and hopefully we can try and put a stop to this."

More than 1,100 people have signed the petition so far, which you can sign here; https://www.change.org/p/toby-perkins-stop-the-use-of-glass-cups-and-bottles-in-pubs-and-clubs-use-plastic-dd95e1ad-399c-4a59-a503-4d6afaae821a

Meanwhile, Joe's dad Richard is hopeful the appeal can convince the pubs and clubs in North Derbyshire to use alternative drink containers going forwards;

"If some good can come out of this, if it can just save one life, then its all been worth it for Liam, and most of all worth it for Joe.

"There's no words that can describe how our family is feeling right now.

"I think the anger will develop if nothing changes in future in our pubs and clubs.

"It's more the frustration and grief right now.

"My message to parents in North Derbyshire is to tell your children that you love them, because you never know what's around the corner.

"Kids, you do the same, tell your mum and dad that you love them-God bless anybody that has to go through this."

Connor Rose has been charged with the murder of 23 year old Joe Robotham.

The 24 year old, of no fixed abode, will next appear at Derby Crown Court on the 20th March.



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