Chesterfield MP encourages people make their feelings known to Trump during his UK visit

Chesterfield's labour MP is calling for people to make their voices heard during Donald Trump's state visit to the UK

It will be the U.S president's first official visit to the country since his election in 2016, and it has been confirmed he will be treated to a Guard of Honour when he meets the Queen on Friday. Mr Trump and the First Lady, Melania are also having tea with Her Majesty at Windsor Castle.

However, several protests are being planned across the country over the weekend to mark his visit. It's thought the president will avoid central London due to the scale of the protests planned there. 

Activity will also be taking place in Chesterfield on Saturday, with the 'Chesterfield together against Trump' group organising a rally in the town centre.

Chesterfield MP, Toby Perkins told Peak FM: "We've been pretty appalled by many of president Trump's utterances and also some of the policies he's pursued. And so I think it is important we express in the loudest possible terms what he's doing is diminishing America in the world."

toby perkins

"It is important that people, in a peaceful way, make him aware of their feelings about the way that he operates, and there's no point in pretending that each country is of equal significance, America is the dominant political country in the world."

"It's also important that we speak to president Trump and keep the dialogue going, but in a way that friends do. They need to speak candidly and frankly to people who are getting it wrong." 

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