Chesterfield police say wanted man tried to avoid officers by 'pretending to buy a kebab'

Officers for Chesterfield's Safer Neighbourhood Team have revealed a list of "what not to do's" if you're wanted by police.

On the division's official twitter page, @ChesterfieldSNT, officers confirmed four wanted people have been caught over the past two days.

 The twitter post stated: "Are you wanted? Are you keen to avoid the attention of the police? Are you trying to stay off our radar?

"If so here are a few “what not to do’s”

"1. Loiter in one of our well known ASB hotspots that we patrol numerous times a day. 

"2. Sit begging on the street.

"3. Walk through the town centre at night with a TV under your arm, dart into a take-away when you see police, pretend to buy a kebab and then try and convince us you are someone else who we know is at least double your age.

"4. Choose to sleep in another of our well known and patrolled ASB hotspots and when asked who you are falsely give us the name of one our most well known offenders.

"Over the past two days four wanted people have made these errors. Two appeared at court and have been given custodial sentences. Two more will appear at court today and we are hopeful that they will be dealt with in a similar way."

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