Chesterfield Royal Hospital to become smoke free

Chesterfield Royal Hospital has relaunched the idea of the entire site becoming free from people who wish to smoke.

The idea was first mentioned back in 2006 but people can often be seen outside the main entrance of the hospital smoking a cigarette.

Now the trust has re-launched the scheme and hoping members of staff along with non-smoking members of the public will be able to request that smokers refrain from the habit until they leave the grounds of the hospital.

Speaking to Peak FM about the issue, Doctor David Pickworth thinks it makes perfect sense: “What a scandal it is that my patients, when they come into the hospital grounds, actually have to walk through people who are smoking and it seems incongruous that a habit that has enormous consequences for the health of the local population should be allowed to go on on NHS premises.”

The trust says they are responding to call to more to stop smoking at entrances and in the grounds and gardens. Over the last 100-days it’s been preparing to re-affirm its pledge to make the green-field site cleaner, clearer and healthier.

Over the next few weeks the site will be displaying new signage that patients, staff and visitors have helped to create. Medical Director Dr Gail Collins said: “When more than 2,000 people have a say on a subject we need to sit up and take notice. Last year staff, patients and visitors told us that what they hate most about our hospital is experiencing passive smoking at all our entrances – and especially at the main entrance, the Birth Centre and the Emergency Department. We hope that our new approach will encourage people not to smoke on site and perhaps make the decision to choose a healthier lifestyle – with our help and support.”

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