Chesterfield teacher quits job to start charity helping to educate refugee children

A Chesterfield man has given up his job and downsized his house to dedicate his life to helping young refugees abroad

Teacher Andy Ball has set up the 'Known Valued Loved' charity which provides education for children displaced from their homes due to war or persecution 

He told Peak FM too many children globally are missing out on a decent education:For one term's worth of poor quality teaching it takes two years worth of good quality teaching to overcome the issues that has given young people.

"In lots of places in the world there are young people that are growing up in refugee camps. They can't be getting the standard of education that we would accept for our children, and that's not good enough."

Mr Ball said he's also getting a lot of support from local people and businesses: "We've got a lot of contact in Chesterfield, a lot of our supporters, people that are following us, people supporting us financially are all Chesterfield-based.

"That matters to us really because we want people to invest in us because of what we're trying to do and see the need through us because we're trying to share that message."

The charity was given Charitable status on the 28th Feb after a 5 month application process.

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