Chesterfield's disabled community fed up of being treated like second class citizens

Adrian Rimington from the North Derbyshire Disability Campaigners Group says they're sick of Government treatment.

Disabled residents in Chesterfield are being made to feel like second class citizens in society by the Government.

That's the view of Adrian Rimington-who's the Chair of the North Derbyshire disability campaigners group.

He feels yearly assessments are just one of the things which are currently unfair; "Inspecting people's conditions, which aren't going to improve on an annual basis, is just wasting tax payers money."

Mr Rimington says he's been personally affected by the issue; "People in the disabled community are getting very depressed by this. I myself have been on sleeping pills. When I went to the doctors for a test, they found my blood pressure's been raised. It's having both mental and physical effects on disabled people."

The organisation are currently appealing for funds to help support their cause. They currently have a Facebook page, and are encouraging any donations to be sent to 112 Old Hall Road in Chesterfield, which is based at the post code of S40 1HF.


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