Chesterfield's MP discusses the results of his 'Brexit Survey'

Toby Perkins undertook the research this summer.

Toby Perkins reckons people in Chesterfield are becoming less united in their views on Brexit.

The town's Labour MP has been speaking to Peak FM about the results of his survey on the issue, which he carried out over the summer recess period with over 1,200 constituents.

He told us residents want the matter concluded sooner rather than later;

"People have become more entrenched in their views; remain voters just want the whole thing cancelled and forgotten about, whereas Leave voters just want us to depart.

"We need to work hard to try and bring these two sides back together again."

Meanwhile, Mr Perkins also concluded in the study that immigration isn't the key priority anymore;

"Immigration itself has reduced somewhat as an issue, although it's still something which matters to people.

"I think more pressingly now, residents want to see a future where the UK can trade around the world, as well as having the talent we need in areas we rely upon, such as the NHS."

You can see the results of Mr Perkins' survey in full here; http://www.tobyperkins.org.uk/2019/09/responses-and-analysis-of-my-huge-chesterfield-brexit-survey/

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