Chesterfield's MP gives stark warning to people not practising social distancing

Chesterfield's MP, Toby Perkins is urging those who've so far failed to comply with the recommendations to socially distance themselves to think again.

Mr Perkins was reacting to reports and photos showing crowds of people congregating in Matlock Bath yesterday, despite warnings from the government to stay at home as much as possible. 

He told Peak FM: "The person that you're buying your fish and chips off may well be the next person who's got coronavirus, and you could be taking it back to your family. People need to practice social distancing, it is boring, but it is the only way we get our life back to normal."

Toby also told us he has been getting reports from constituents that some pubs and cafes in North Derbyshire are continuing to operate, despite being ordered to close by the government: "I'm speaking to police today to find out more about what has actually happened and what sanctions are available."

The Chesterfield MP was also critical of people panic buying at supermarkets: "The sense more broadly that you are protecting yourself by standing in a queue along with hundreds of other people, you're likely to exposing yourself to the virus itself, that somehow by doing that you are protecting yourself and your family is a nonsense."

"If your life feels at the moment like it's pretty much like normal, then you're doing something wrong because this isn't normal times. This is a very serious global pandemic and it will kill people across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire if we don't take those steps that have been outlined."


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