Climate charity urges local councils to do more

A Charity is urging our local councils to help tackle the climate change issues

Friends of the Earth have been scoring our District and Borough authorities on how much they are doing to reduce their emissions 

Chesterfield was the best in North Derbyshire with a score of 72%, but Amber Valley came bottom with a 48% rating.

North East Derbyshire scored 68%, while Bolsover and Derbyshire Dales both scored 56%.

Some local authorities have declared a 'climate emergency' in an effort to tackle the climate chance issue and reduce their carbon footprint.

But Friends of the Earth CEO Craig Bennett thinks councils need to go even further: "It's great to declare a climate emergency, but then you need a climate emergency plan to address that and we've got to make sure councils are doing everything they can to deal with this huge issue."

"Sometimes people might feel a bit desperate when they hear the news and the science about how serious this issue is. But all of us can do something and we can come together in our community to address this issue. Ultimately it is a big global problem, but the solutions are local."

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