Corbyn calls for inquiry into Whaley Bridge dam collapse

Jeremy Corbyn says there should be an inquiry into the damage of a dam in Derbyshire, forcing hundreds of people from their homes.

Despite orders to leave for fear it could collapse, around 20 residents of Whaley Bridge are refusing to go.

The Labour leader has today met emergency and construction workers there.

He says while efforts seems to have worked well, there are always lessons to be learned: "There has to be the question of a long-term repair to the dam and the safety of it in the future. There has to be an inquiry to make sure the co-ordination worked effectively and everything I've seen shows it did."

"I've just spent some time at a residents meeting and they had wholly legitimate questions about how to get to work, how to get home, family, pets, medical supplies, but also loss of earnings for people who can't get out to work."

"I thought the mood was excellent and the spirit of the residents was great."


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