Council Homes To Be Demolished Before Use

The homes in Boythorpe have just been completed and yet to be lived in.

Four new Council Houses in Chesterfield are set to be demolished before anyone has lived in them.

The properties on Rufford Close in Boythorpe were built on a Coal Seam, and have recorded dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide.

One local resident, who did not wish to be named, has told Peak FM he feels there should be a full investigation into the council, and resignations. 

"The project seemed to go on for an awfully long time. There's been disruption with lorries going up and down the road. The path has been undermined by lorries mounting the pavement to avoid cars. The whole thing has been a pain

"As soon as you think it's all over, and at least there are some decent houses there, you hear the whole lot has to come down again! It's been one long saga of disruption and it's come to nothing.

"I'm fairly disgusted with the whole thing".

Another resident told us she feels it's a waste;

"They're beautiful houses, it's such a shame.

"We had all that disturbance, and there was a lot for over a year, but what can you do.

"They (Chesterfield Borough Council) haven't told us a lot about it".

In a statement, Chesterfield Borough Council told us;

"Our first concern is the safety of residents.

"“Carbon monoxide has been detected in the new build council homes at Rufford Close, however, we are confident that no-one has been put at risk.

"Working with the Coal Authority, it has been decided that all four homes will be demolished to allow extraction of a burning coal seam below the properties and under the car park to the front of the properties.

"The Coal Authority’s staff are actively monitoring carbon monoxide levels at the site and there is no indication of adverse levels in the surrounding area.

"As a precaution we have also given additional carbon monoxide detectors to residents of nearby properties and provided them with advice for what they should do in the unlikely event that any carbon monoxide is detected".


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