County Council spends more than £8 million of government cash on road repairs this winter

Roads, pavements, bridges and retaining walls across Derbyshire have been repaired this winter thanks to extra Government funding of £8.4m.

The cash was awarded to Derbyshire County Council in December 2018 as long as it was spent on the roads by the end of March 2019.

Since January 115 roads have been repaired, some have had large parts patched, others have been resurfaced.

Workers have also repaired pavements in 34 different locations, and carried out repairs to bridges and retaining walls in 60 places.

Councillor Simon Spencer, Derbyshire County Council Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure, said: “We were delighted to receive the funding and have worked hard to spend the money in a really tight timeframe. Thankfully this winter we had the weather on our side.

“We employed extra pairs of hands to support our regular workforce and additional specialist equipment and materials. This helped us speed up repairs so that we can get our roads and pavements in a much better condition as quickly as possible.

“We also put in an extra £6m investment in our roads to help keep on top of defects.

“And earlier in the week the Government announced more funding for pothole repairs and we expect to receive around a further £1m. Any additional funding to spend on our roads is very much welcomed and will be put to good use.”

The £8.4m was used to:

  • repair roads and paths in advance of more major work such as surface dressing - £2.7m
  • resurface unclassified (unnumbered) roads – local roads mainly used for local journeys - £2.3m
  • repair and rebuild retaining walls and carry out improvements to bridges, such as installing safety barriers - £1.6m
  • fix potholes - £800,000
  • resurface paths - £500,000
  • carry out drainage works linked to road and path repairs and resurfacing to cut down on future maintenance work - £500,000.

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