County Council warns of flash floods

Derbyshire County Council is warning residents to be prepared for the possibility of flash floods once the warm weather comes to an end.

More than 45,000 homes in the county are at risk of flooding – including 12,000 susceptible to flash flooding.

Prolonged heavy rain like that seen in June has saturated the ground which can increase the risk of flooding caused by surface run off.

Thunderstorms are being predicted to move into Derbyshire from the west in the early hours of Wednesday (20th July) with as much as a month’s rainfall predicted to fall within three hours.

Emergency planners have issued the following reminder to residents about what they can do to help protect their homes:

Assess your own risk – have you previously been affected by flooding or had a near-miss?

If you are at risk, keep a stock of sandbags handy – Derbyshire County Council provides packs of 10 empty sandbags free of charge in 15 of its libraries.

Stock up with sand from a local DIY store or builders’ merchant to fill the sandbags in readiness.

Derbyshire County Council’s cabinet member for health and communities, Councillor Dave Allen said: “The Great British Summer hasn’t been that great so far and the heavy rain has left the ground saturated. This means the chance of flash flooding during the summer months is increased.”

“We do all we can to reduce the risk of flash floods across Derbyshire by keeping gullies and culverts clear and by developing a strategy to manage the risk. But there are steps residents can take to ensure their own home and family are kept safe.”

Homes that could be at risk of surface water flooding include those lower than the road level, at the foot of slopes with run-off from nearby hills or those that have had a near miss during recent heavy downpours.

Councillor Allen added: “By its very nature, flash flooding is hard to predict, but if your area has been previously affected by flooding or has had a near miss, this may be an indication the area is vulnerable to flooding in the future.”

“We urge all residents to find out about their personal flood risk and to make the most of the services we have available to prepare ahead of time rather than leaving it to the last minute.”

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