Creswell resident sets up 'isolation support group' on social media for local residents

A community group has been set up on Facebook for residents in the Clowne, Cresswell and Whitwell areas who have had to self isolate.

Zara Skidmore from Creswell told us she set it up so people in the area can share important local information: "It's about local people helping people who are vulnerable. It is not about us spreading far and wide. It's about just knowing that if you've got a neighbour who is old, that you can support them.

"A lot of the supermarkets are selling out of staples such as bread and milk rather quickly. But a lot of local shops have still got this in stock, so we're sharing these businesses so that people don't need to go to these big supermarkets. You can get them locally."

You can access the page here 

You can contact the group directly on 01246 242424 or complete the self-isolation form at https://selfservice.bolsover.gov.uk/service/Coronavirus_Self_Isolation_form

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