Derbyshire farmers raise concerns over Brexit

Charity Rural Action has raised concerns about the impact Brexit, particularly no deal, could have on Farming in North Derbyshire.

They say Life is tough enough already, and uncertainty will inevitably affect the price of goods.

Reverend Alan Griggs, lead agricultural chaplain in the area, explains why it's such a problem for farmers: "The farm industry is very complex. The sheep industry is just one example. We export around 40% of lamb to Europe so immediately that would be affected.

"The farming community has always handled uncertainty but Brexit in many ways has enhanced the uncertainty, so farmers particularly with a no-deal are very concerned. It's not about whether we leave Europe or not, it's very much about how we leave."

In Westminster, Boris Johnson will try for a fourth time to call a pre-Christmas general election later.

He failed to win the backing of two thirds of MPs yesterday.



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