Derbyshire listed in top 10 fattest counties in England

Figures show Derbyshire is one of the fattest areas in the country, with almost 70 percent of the population registered overweight or obese.

68.3% of people are overweight in the county, which is the 9th highest anywhere in England. 

We're also a fatter county than our neighbours in Nottinghamshire; They have 67.6% of people whose waistlines are wider than what doctors recommend.

However our neighbours to the north in Sheffield and South Yorkshire top the table, with 72% of residents being classed as overweight or obese.

Nationally, 40.4 per cent of people are deemed overweight and 24.4 per cent obese.

The top ten ‘fattest’ counties are: 1. South Yorkshire 2. East Yorkshire 3. Lincolnshire 4. Northumberland 5. Durham 6. Merseyside 7.Cornwall 8. Cheshire 9. Derbyshire 10. Shropshire.



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