Derbyshire's Liberal Democrats call for a general election over Brexit confusion

They've been speaking to Peak FM about yesterday's Supreme Court ruling.

Liberal Democrats in Derbyshire are accusing Boris Johnson of lying to the queen, to parliament and to Britain's voters.

Yesterday eleven judges in the supreme court decided the prime minister broke the law by suspending parliament.

High Peak parliamentary candidate for the Lib Dems, Guy Kiddey, believes a general election is the best way forward to break the brexit deadlock;

"It'll be two things in one; It'll be a referendum and a general election at the same time, and we're campaigning to win.

"The Liberal Democrats are saying that if we win enough seats to form a Government, we will revoke article 50.

"Since 2016, two million people who voted to leave the European Union have died.

"A further two and a half million people have since turned 18, and they deserve the right to have their say on this major issue.

"That's why we're calling for a general election."

Opposition MPs are returning to the Commons at 11.30am to demand more answers about Brexit - and the resignation of Boris Johnson.

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