People with with type 2 diabetes 'twice as likely' to die prematurely

Figures revealed this week show Hundreds of people are dying early each week due to the illness.

Five hundred people with diabetes are dying prematurely every week in England and Wales, according to research by Diabetes UK

Research shows those aged between 35 and 64 with Type 1 are 3 to 4 times more likely to die early than if they didn't have it, those with Type 2 diabetes are up to two times more likely.  

Alan Kirk, spokesman for Diabetes UK in North Derbyshire says despite the alarming statistics, it isn't a death sentence for sufferers;

"It's a chronic illness, a condition you have to live with. Eating regular, exercise and this sort of thing is important. It's about how you manage your lifestyle.

I'd like to see more awareness. We can only do so much as a local group in the area, but there's over 300 groups in the UK trying to get the message out. 

NHS England says it's invested 80 million pounds in recent years for diabetes sufferers. 

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