Dronfield mum who lost her daughter to rare cancer urges parents to stay vigilant

Leila Lambe's daughter Imogen passed away in 2018.


The mother of a Dronfield teenager- who died of a rare form of cancer- is urging others not to put off seeking treatment if they think something is wrong.

It took eight months, from Imogen Ellis complaining of a pain in her knee- to being diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma.

Her mum Leila wants to make sure no other young girls in our area are taken too soon; "At first, well all just thought it was a sporting injury. That's what we were told by the doctors. However, as the weeks went by and Imogen was still suffering, I knew we needed to investigate further."

"We just want parents to be vigilant. If we could help save one life through raising awareness, then Imogen would've been over the moon with that."

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