Dronfield woman hosting an event to raise mental health awareness following her father's death

Tricia Black's urging people to get the help they require before it's too late.

A North Derbyshire woman who lost her father to suicide a year ago is urging others to talk about their mental health.

Tricia Black from Dronfield is putting together an event involving a number of groups in an effort get people the help they need.

She wants people to feel more confident in speaking to others about how they're feeling;

"It's one thing that my dad and his generation felt/feel unable to do; talk about their mental health.

"It's still a big thing for everybody.

"I feel there's still a stigma, still around the issue.

"People don't generally talk about it, I find it difficult to talk about, I'm sure everybody does.

"The idea is people can come along to this event, in what will be a really relaxed atmosphere, and get the tools they need to make positive steps forward."

Several support teams will be on hand at the event, which takes place on the 21st August at Dronfield Hall Barn.

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