East Mids business leaders describe Chancellor's spring statement as 'a chance missed'

'Potholes not politics' and 'broadband not Brexit', is the message East Midlands Chamber are urging the chancellor to take action on.

Reacting to the Spring Statement, Chris Hobson, Director of Policy at East Midlands Chamber, said: “Mr Hammond talked about stability and stability is good. At least we didn’t have any half-baked initiatives that could harm business.”

He added: “To borrow a phrase, no policy announcements are better than bad policy announcements but business is crying out for meaningful investment in roads, broadband and other infrastructure and proper support for training and capital investment.

“There was a chance to make bold announcements today that would have given businesses a confidence boost – that chance was missed.

“The main concerns for our business are potholes, not politics and broadband not Brexit. Until the Government gets these basics right, businesses will remain frustrated.

“It seems that the regions that have some form of devolved power are starting to reap the rewards of that, but here in the East Midlands we are being overlooked. Those with the loudest voices and sharpest elbows are getting the bulk of investment in vanity projects.”

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