Environmental campaigners to hold demonstration at North East Derbyshire council

Campaigners from Derbyshire Climate Coalition and Extinction Rebellion will be gathering outside the North East Derbyshire District Council offices from 2pm to demand action on climate breakdown and call for the council to declare a climate emergency.

The protest will see the group holding banners, flags and staging a funeral procession, with a coffin for the species threatened with extinction, to attract attention to the key issue.

Anne Thoday, from Derbyshire Climate Coalition, said: “We are hoping to present a powerful visual impact. This is a non-violent, peaceful demonstration. The ultimate aim is to work together. It’s beyond politics, it’s about our future. We have to work as a community.”

“We are calling on people in North East Derbyshire to write to their councillors – whatever their party – and ask them to support the motion. It will increase the chances of the motion being successful.”

Brian Lever, from XR Chesterfield, a newly formed group, said: “XR aims to bring the reality and seriousness of the threat of climate change to the attention of the media and Government with demands to stop polluting the planet. The evidence is clear, we are in a mass extinction event and many species, including humanity, are at risk.”

Over 70 councils across the country as well as a number of councils in Derbyshire have declared climate emergencies and Cllr Ross Shipman, councillor for Tupton ward, said he hopes the council will follow their example.

“The reason I have put the motion forward is to make sure the impact on the environment is considered at all decision making levels within the council and it provides a clear framework for that to happen. The environment is right at the top of my agenda and an issue I campaigned on during the local elections. I am hoping that Councillors from across the chamber will back the motion in its entirety.”

“It is no use the Council kicking the can down the road, we need to take drastic action now and it starts by local Councils doing what they can to help save our planet. Words are easy to come by, but we need to drive action now to begin saving our planet from climate change.”

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