Expert claims children with special needs in Derbyshire aren't getting the right amount of support

Mandy Williams says a lot of kids in our area are being let down.

Kids in North Derbyshire with Special educational needs aren't getting the right support.

That's according to an expert who's worked with schools on improving teaching methods for the last 11 years.

Mandy Williams says more than 15 percent of youngsters in Derbyshire have extra requirements- and many are being let down; Teachers are so stretched time wise, they can't possibly differentiate for every single child. You may have five single students in one class, all with different needs."

"Therefore, creating five different lesson plans is simply too much for teachers. Our kids are the future, they have every right to a fair education, why shouldn't they have it? Why shouldn't they have teaching methods that help them in their preferred learning style."

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