Fundraisers aiming to revamp run down park in Brampton

The facility on Chester Street has become unsafe, according to locals.

A kids' play area in Brampton could undergo a much needed face lift, if the community can raise five thousand pounds.

Chesterfield Borough Council will be able to apply for a 50,000 pound grant to improve 'Monkey Park' on Chester Street- if they receive a contribution of 10 percent from local people.

Kelly Sheldon is helping with the effort and says there's a number of issues which need addressing; "The park's falling to pieces as it is, it's quite dangerous as well. There's been other issues, not just the play equipment; things like dog fouling and people taking drugs there."

Meanwhile, the Chair of 'Friends of Monkey Park', Kevin Walker, says the facility on Chester Street's become a health hazard; "The play structure itself is rusty, it's corroded and crumbling away. The bottom rug of the slide is missing, the scramble net isn't anchored to the floor anymore, so it's generally not safe."

The group began fundraising back in April, and they've managed to raise three thousand pounds so far.

You can view their page here; https://friendsofmonkeypark.org.uk/



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