Group criticise council plans to limit school patrols

Derbyshire County Council is due to decide if a proposal can be sent to public consultation which would cut back on school crossing patrols across the county.

Under the proposal 93 sites that meet a certain criteria would keep their patrols but the council have said 36 sites, which currently have a zebra crossing or traffic light controlled system would have their lollipop service stopped.

The announcement forms part of council plans to cut £157 million from their budgets by 2018 due to a drop in central government funding.

Currently there are 189 sites in the county that are patrolled by lollipop men and woman helping children across the road to and from school. In addition to the planned cuts to 36 sites the council has also said there are around 60 locations that currently have a crossing patrol but don’t meet the criteria, which has been formed using national guidelines, those sites patrols will remain however should that position become vacant Derbyshire County Council have said they won’t be looking to replace them.

Speaking to Peak FM, Councillor Dean Collins says money has been found to fund the remaining sites.

A campaign group has been set up to try and block the council’s plans with an online petition gathering hundreds of signatures already.

Lisa Pritchard is the manager of the campaign and says these cuts could put children’s lives at risk.

The proposal is due to go before cabinet next week (Tuesday January 20th) and if approved it will go to a 12-week public consultation period with plans not expected to be implemented, if they go ahead, until the start of the next school year in the autumn.

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