Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner 'Impressed' By Cannabis Clubs

Derbyshire's Police and Crime Commissioner has met with people who run the groups, and says the government needs to consider the move in more detail.

Cannabis Social Clubs grow and regulate the class B drug, distributing to members and monitoring usage.

Hardyal Dhindsa visited one such club to see how it works, and says he was 'sceptical' 

They are not for profit groups, assisting for personal use of the drug. Teaching users to be responsible, and avoid using street drug suppliers, where there are fears people can be robbed or injured. 

'We can't arrest our way out of the drugs problem. The police do take action and will continue to do that.

"But as quickly as they get rid of drugs and suppliers, more sprout up. We need to find different ways of tackling the issue.

"What i'm trying to do is have an adult, grown up discussion to see if there are different ways to tackle this issue".


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