Hospital issue advice as heatwave takes hold in Derbyshire

As the UK faces the prospect of record temperatures, a warning has being issued about people trying to cool off.

Today it could top 39 Celcius - the highest figure since records began in 1914.

Rail operators are warning of disruption as trains run at reduced speeds, because the heat causes tracks to buckle.

Meanwhile, Matron for the emergency department at Chesterfield Royal Hospital-Kay Smedley has spoken to Peak FM giving advice to people on how to stay safe in the hot weather.

She said people need to notice the signs of dehydration: "Any confusion or difficulty mobilising, headaches, dizziness. 

"There's lots of help available out there so people can access their GP or if it is out of hours they can ring 111 for advice. Pharmacies are really good as well."

She also says people need to take extra caution drinking alcohol: "It can cause dehydration in normal temperatures. Whilst we're not saying people shouldn't have a drink they just need to be really careful in how much they're drinking.

"If somebody does want to go to a beer garden it's probably best to alternate their alcoholic drinks with a soft drink in between."

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