HS2: How will it impact Chesterfield?

With a decision expected on the government's high speed rail project in the near future, we've been asking people in North Derbyshire- 'How will HS2 affect our region?'

HS2 has been at the forefront of national headlines in recent weeks, as the Government are expected to make a final decision on whether to go ahead with the project sometime this month.

But with the proposed costs spiralling to well over £100 billion, will it be worth it?

We've been asking residents in the area, along with local business leaders, councillors, and Chesterfield's MP. 

Peak FM has also been speaking to the 'Stop HS2' campaign group and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust to find out why they're opposed to the development.

The leader of Chesterfield Borough Council, Cllr Tricia Gilby has been urging the government to 'Get HS2 done,' and has spoken about the boost to the town's economy and jobs the railway could provide:

Cllr Tricia Gilby

Chesterfield's MP, Toby Perkins is also backing the project, citing the importance of easing the burden on the existing railway infrastructure, along with providing new opportunities for people in the region:

toby perkins

Toby Perkins

However, not everyone in Derbyshire agrees that HS2 will be a positive development for our area. Joe Rukin from the 'Stop HS2' campaign believes people in our area are being 'sold a con' about it's benefits:

Joe Rukin

Local Charity, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have also highlighted their concerns about it, saying HS2 could destroy more than 50 natural habitats in the county. We spoke to the trust's biodiversity manager, Kieron Huston:

Kieron Huston

Despite that, local business groups are optimistic about the development, in terms of improving Chesterfield's connectivity with other areas, along with a new maintenance depot planned for Staveley, if the project receives the go-ahead. Dom Stevens from Destination Chesterfield told Peak FM it will help with the area's regeneration:

Dom Stevens

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