Latest update as Chesterfield Borough Council plan to re-open town centre market stalls and shops

Chesterfield Borough Council have released the following update, giving details on the re-opening of some shops and market stalls in the town centre.

"As we start to move into the recovery phase of our response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak Chesterfield Borough Council will assess and respond to new requirements and will modify service provision in line with the latest Government guidance. Our priority is to ensure that the locations and workplaces from which we deliver our services are as safe as possible for our communities and staff."

Chesterfield Town Centre

 "Following the Prime Minister’s announcement earlier this month regarding plans to restart the economy and ease lockdown restrictions over a planned period, Chesterfield Borough Council is working with retailers and market traders to assist wherever possible with the phased re-opening of shops and stalls in the town centre.

 "The safety of those who live, work and shop in Chesterfield town centre is the council’s number one priority. Over the next couple of weeks, people visiting the town centre will start to see a number of physical changes in advance of more market stalls opening, potentially from Monday 1 June and more shops from Monday 15 June.

 "Signage will be visible around the town centre to advise shoppers where to queue outside individual shops, and where restrictions may be enforced, as they are currently at the Market Hall, regarding limiting the number of people who can enter premises at the same time.

 "There will also be signs in other areas such as our car parks and green spaces reminding people to follow social distancing guidelines keeping two metres apart from anyone outside of their household, and not to congregate in groups.

 "Barriers will be available for shops to use to make it clear where people should queue and wait to enter shops and this process will be supported by a number of council appointed ambassadors who will be deployed around the town centre to assist shoppers and maintain safe social distancing.

 "The council has been working with a number of town centre retailers to establish what assistance they might need in controlling queuing outside their stores, particularly in terms of barriers, signage and floor markings; the intention being to create safe queuing zones and pedestrian flows in these areas.

 "The public toilets located in the Market Hall will re-open from Monday 1 June, with social distancing measures and extra cleaning processes in place; this may mean increased queues for the toilets. 

 Councillor Kate Sarvent, cabinet member for town centres and visitor economy, said: “Our priority is to ensure that Chesterfield town centre is as safe as possible for everyone. Whilst we are still awaiting further government guidance about the relaxation of lockdown measures, the council is committed to supporting local retailers and market traders to return to the high street.”

“We have conducted a specific review looking at how the council can help our town centre retailers and traders to start to return by introducing positive measures such as signage reminding people to follow social distancing guidance and controlling queuing outside shops, all of which will be in place soon.”

Chesterfield market and market hall

"Throughout the coronavirus outbreak Chesterfield Borough Council has supported regular market traders selling essential goods to continue to trade both from the Market Hall and on the outdoor market.

 "We are in the process of reviewing our normal Market Hall opening hours and operation pending further clarity from the Government on which additional retailers may be allowed to recommence trading from Monday 1 June. It is envisaged that access in and out of the Market Hall will continue to be controlled to maintain safe social distancing within the premises.

 "We are also actively reviewing the outdoor market operation, in line with both Government and industry guidance. As with the Market Hall, a phased return of traders is likely and changes to the physical layout will need to be made to again maintain safe social distancing.

 "The council is currently working with trader representatives of the Markets Consultative Committee to agree how to enable the outdoor market to return from Monday 1 June. More details will be released later this week."

Car parking

 "Chesterfield Borough Council is encouraging its shopworkers and residents to cycle or walk into the town centre, wherever possible.

 Councillor Kate Sarvent, cabinet member for town centres and visitor economy, said: “Please do think about whether you need to drive into the town centre or take public transport. We would encourage you to cycle or walk. This would good for the environment and good for your health and wellbeing.”

 The council will be lowering the car parking barriers and re-introducing car parking charges from Monday 1 June.

 Residents are reminded to use their Resident’s Permit, which entitles them to park for free in most car parks before 10am and after 3pm Monday to Saturday and all day on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Parking permits including pre-paid scratch cards are also available and significant cost reductions can be achieved through purchasing these in advance. Please make sure you properly display your permit when parking your car. 

Funding generated from town centre car parking charges helps the council to cover the cost of several essential services, including CCTV, street cleaning and public toilets provision.

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