Lee Rowley confident 'positive steps' are being taken to improve rail services in North-East Derbyshire

The District's MP is hopeful progress can be made now Northern Rail has been stripped of its franchise.

Positive steps are being taken to address problems with rail services in North-East Derbyshire.

That's according to the district's MP Lee Rowley.

He's been giving us his reaction to an increase in cancellations recently across our patch;

"We're going to get some more rolling stock in our part of the world over the next few months. 

"In Dronfield and Chesterfield, more new trains are being introduced, which should improve things.

"We need to make sure that we keep pushing for improved services both out of Dronfield and Chesterfield.

"We'd like Dronfield to have a consistent service which runs every half an hour into Sheffield.

Meanwhile, Mr. Rowley felt the Government had no alternative but to strip Northern Rail of their franchise last month;

"Commuters in North-East Derbyshire should be able to have confidence that their trains are going to turn up on time.

"Here in our patch, Northern Rail hasn't been working well, so I think the removal of its franchise is the correct decision.

"However, a lot of these problems aren't going to be fixed overnight-We need better infrastructure up north than what we've currently got."

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