Lee Rowley unfazed by increase in Parliament crime

The MP for North East Derbyshire says the findings in a recent report suggesting crime has increased in parliament haven't directly affected him.

Crimes - including assault, robbery and blackmail - reported in Parliament have seen a significant jump.

Figures show a rise of nearly 50 percent in the last two years - with the number of threatening letters received more than doubling.

MP for North East Derbyshire-Lee Rowley-doesn't think the uncertainty around Brexit has helped;

"There is a general frustration out there about Brexit, but MP's can fix that by sorting it out and making it happen. If we speed up the process, then hopefully the frustrations will go away."

However, Mr. Rowley also added that he isn't overly concerned for his own safety, despite the findings:

"Westminster is a normal place of work, and also a semi-public place where people can come in, so there's always going to be the odd one or two problems down there. Overall, I don't see it as hugely different from where I've worked before I was an MP and I hope that continues."


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