List of candidates revealed for Derbyshire Dales council elections

Below is a list of the Derbyshire Dales District Council candidates for the local election on Thursday, May 2.

The election will see 105 candidates contesting all 39 seats across 25 wards.

As it stands, the Conservatives have a firm grip on the authority with 28 seats, followed by Labour with five, the Liberal Democrats with three, one independent, one no-party and one vacancy.

In this year’s election, none of the political parties are contesting every seat.

Labour is competing for the most with 37, followed by the Conservatives on 35, the Liberal Democrats on 18, the Green Party with eight, UKIP with three and three independents.

In total, 11 sitting councillors are not contesting their seats – which will mean the authority will gain at least 11 new representatives.

An asterisk (*) has been used to denote councillors standing for re-election.

Ashbourne North Ward (2 seats):

*Sue Bull – Conservative  

Peter David Lewis Dobbs – Liberal Democrats

Roslyn Elizabeth Hope – Labour

Stuart Lees – Conservative

Andy White – Labour Party

Patricia Ann Wildgoose – Liberal Democrats


Ashbourne South Ward (2 seats):

Robert James Archer – Liberal Democrats

*Tom Donnelly – Conservative

Peter Ginnis – Labour

John James Hill – Green Party

*Dermot Joseph Murphy – Conservative

Ruth Anna Elisabeth Pugh – Labour Party

Robin Michael Shirtcliffe – Liberal Democrats


Bakewell Ward (3 seats):

*Alyson Jane Hill – Conservative

Paul Wayne Morgans – Labour

Alasdair Harold Sutton – Conservative

Helen Nina Swift – Labour

Mark Anthony Wakeman – Conservative


Bradwell Ward (1 seat):

*Chris Furness – Conservative

Les Swain – Labour


Brailsford Ward (1 seat):

Nicholas Vincent Paul Bishop – Labour

Michele Morley – Conservative


Calver Ward (1 seat):

Thomas Barker – Labour Party

Helen Margaret Frogatt – Conservative

Robert Alun Scott – Green Party


Carsington Water Ward (1 seat):

Bob Allen – Labour Party

Margaret Ann Elsworth – Liberal Democrats

*Lewis Michael Rose – Conservative


Chatsworth Ward (1 seat):

Barbara Jeanne Bowman – Liberal Democrats

Jacob Butler – Labour

*Susan Hobson – Conservative


Clifton & Bradley Ward (1 seat):

Bob Pugh – Labour

*Andrew John Sewallis Carr Shirley – Conservative

Richard Stone – UKIP


Darley Dale Ward (3 seats):

*Jason Matthew Atkin – Conservative

Naomi Bell – Liberal Democrats

Andrew Creese – Liberal Democrats

Roger John Godber – Labour

Emma Hickling – Green Party

Keith Edward Kendrick – Labour

Stephen Martin – Liberal Democrats

Lucy Jane Elizabeth Peacock – Labour

Paul Cecil Roe – UKIP

*Mark Leslie Salt – Conservative

*Andrew Paul Statham – Conservative


Dovedale & Parwich Ward (1 seat):

Sandra Fearn – Liberal Democrats

*Richard Ranulph FitzHerbert – Conservative

Sue Hodgson – Labour


Hartington & Taddington Ward (1 seat):

Asher Jacob Bond – Liberal Democrats

*David George Chapman – Conservative

John Cowings – Labour

John Robin Youatt – Green


Hathersage & Eyam Ward (2 seats):

Vicky Massey-Bloodworth – Conservative

Eleanor Mary Nancolas – Liberal Democrats

Peter Desmond O’Brien – Labour

John Michael Orchard – Conservative

Claire Elizabeth Raw – Labour


Hulland Ward (1 seat):

Rosie Ayliffe – Labour

*Richard Bright – Conservative


Lathkill & Bradford Ward (1 seat):

*Graham Elliott – Independent

Andrew John Wingard – Labour


Masson Ward (2 seats):

John Michael Green – Green Party

Andrew Mellodew Hartley – Labour

*Joyce Priscilla Pawley – Labour

*Garry William Purdey – Conservative

Bob Spowart – UKIP

Richard Noel Walsh – Conservative


Matlock All Saints Ward (3 seats):

*Martin Stanway Burfoot – Liberal Democrats

*Sue Burfoot – Liberal Democrats

*Ann Elliott – Conservative

Elly Krystal Fawcett-Neal – Conservative

Martin Joseph Rutter – Labour

Steve Wain – Liberal Democrats

Lucia Whitney – Labour


Matlock St Giles Ward (3 seats):

Paul William Cruise – Liberal Democrats

*Steve Flitter – Liberal Democrats

Peter William Goulden – Labour

Alayne Green – Conservative

Danny Hopkinson – Conservative

David Christopher Hughes – Liberal Democrats

Sylvia Ella Needham – Labour

*Jacquie Stevens – Conservative

Phil Whitney – Labour


Norbury Ward (1 seat):

Jan Cole – Labour

*Tony Morley – Conservative


Stanton Ward (1 seat):

Matthew Buckler – Green Party

Jennifer Joy-Matthews – Labour

Dave Oakley – Conservative


Tideswell Ward (1 seat):

Bowen, Chris Bowen – Labour

Neil Anthony Buttle – Green Party

Richard Andrew Hewson-Stoate – Conservative

Winster & South Darley Ward (1 seat):

Charlie Foster Phillips – Labour

*Colin Swindell – Independent


Wirksworth Ward (3 seats):

Ivan Dixon – Green Party

Gladwyn Hedley Kilkenny Gratton – Conservative

Angus David Jenkins – Conservative

Elisa Marie McDonagh – Labour

*Mike Ratcliffe – Labour

*Peter Slack – Labour

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