Happy 107th birthday to local legend, Jack

A Chesterfield man who has broken several world record attempts is celebrating his 107th birthday this weekend, making him one of the oldest people on the planet

Jack Reynolds holds the record for Oldest man to get a tattoo, oldest man to ride a roller-coaster and the oldest man to ride a zip wire.

All the money Jack raises from his record-breaking challenges goes to charity, and he'll reveal his latest stunt on Monday morning.

He was also honoured with a Peak FM 'Lifetime achievement' award in 2017.

Speaking to Peak FM, Jack told us the secret behind his passion for life: "Enjoy yourself, make the most of life. Everything is good for me and I'm enjoying life now and always.

Jack says he loves living in the area: "I left Chesterfield when I was 15 years old, I've lived in Hollingwood ever since. It's a lovely little village, I have very good neighbours, I'm a very contented man, I have a bungalow here and everything is good for me."

"I'm not really a hero at all. I've done a lot of charity work, I'm still game to do another one for my 107th birthday and I've enjoyed them all, I've had a lovely time."

Jack's daughter Jayne said: "He was a foreman plate layer at Staveley works and it was a very hard job. He worked seven days a week, 12 hours a day sometimes.

"He just takes everything in his stride all the while and it's strange; It's like he's still young. In his head he still says he still feels young.

"He was quite old when I was born and my family has kept him young because there's lots of young children going round who dote on him and I think that's one of the main thing because we're all young at heart. They absolutely adore him.

"Every single penny he's made goes to charity and he's put a lot in himself as well."

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