Majority of parents in East Midlands worry about spending enough time with loved ones

A new study's found more parents in our area worry about not spending enough time with their loved one's than anywhere else.

The research discovered 85% of people with kids in the East Midlands worry about this issue-which's the joint highest figure in the country with London.

To actually free up time to chill out working parents are spending an average of £249 a week on things like cleaners, taxis, food delivers and ironing services.

Actress and Comedian Lucy Porter, who's a mother of two and has family in Calver, feels time lost getting to and from work can have an impact.

She said: "There's a lot of commuting, that is a big thing. When you have big travel distances, if you're commuting to Sheffield or Manchester to work, I think that is part of the problem.

Lucy also told us told us how she's managed to create more spare time: "I outsource most of my admin online now. I don't shop in-person ever so I think you can do a lot of it online."

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