Markham Vale based gin distillery help supply local health facilities with hand sanitiser

Derbyshire Distillery have also been supplying the product to local firms across North Derbyshire.

A gin distillery based near Chesterfield has shifted it's production to make hand sanitiser for hospitals and other health facilities.

Derbyshire Distillery have been working to produce thousands of litres of the cleaner, to help during the current pandemic.

Head Distiller David Hemstock says they've also sent it to local charities;

"We're making sure Ashgate Hospice have got everything they need, and we sent some out to Sheffield Children's Hospital last week.

"As we get our hands on the ingredients, we're trying to release a good few hundred litres per batch to the people that need it.

"We've shifted about 1,500 litres so far, with a projected 3,000 litres over the next few weeks."

The company has been up and running in North Derbyshire since 2018.

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