MP Toby Perkins wants to hear constituents' views on Brexit

Toby Perkins says he's visiting as many areas around Chesterfield as possible to get people's thoughts on Brexit.

Mr Perkins has also set up an online survey so people can give their feedback.

In Chesterfield around 60% of those who voted in the 2016 referendum voted to leave.

Over the recess, Toby Perkins and his team are taking to the streets to conduct a Brexit survey, that attempts to break down the key thorny issues and hear how people’s views have progressed since the Referendum and where the UK Government goes from here.

The Labour MP believes it's important he hears the views of his constituents on the controversial issue: “I am concerned that rather than come together, the country seems more divided on this issue than ever before. I believe Britain should endeavour to leave the EU in a way that protects jobs and our economy, and allows us to continue to trade with the EU.

"I am keen to see if there is a way that a balance can be struck that takes everyone with us. This survey is therefore crucial to informing my view of what people in Chesterfield think should happen now. I urge all of my constituents to complete it.”

The survey is purely for Chesterfield constituents and respondents who live outside of the constituency or respond anonymously will have their answers discounted.


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