New food waste cafe could be coming to Chesterfield

A meeting's taking place later this evening.

Chesterfield residents are meeting tonight to discuss and set up an affordable monthly vegetarian and vegan pop-up cafe using surplus food from Fareshare East Midlands. The idea came from Greg Hewitt, who has just moved to Chesterfield from Nottingham where he ran a similar project successfully for 5 years.

The project is a social eating cafe, bringing people together who may have never met over food to create conversations and forge friendships. The food used is surplus food, food that would have otherwise been thrown away from supermarkets due to best before/use by dates, mislabelling or over-ordering.

The aims of the project are to form links between food waste (food being thrown away), and food poverty (people not affording to eat) by donating profits at the end of the year to local foodbanks. Public can attend the meal for a suggested minimum donation of £2.50 adults, £1.50 children.

A name, venue, day and time for the project will be discussed and decided upon at the meeting tonight, along with formerly setting up the group.

Founder Greg Hewitt of Tapton, Chesterfield said: "I knew that when I moved here, one of the first things I wanted to do was to set up a social eating cafe using surplus food. It was so successful in Nottingham and was incredible in bringing people together over food, as well as tackling the issues of food waste and food poverty. I'm really looking forward to doing the same thing here in Chesterfield. We've already had a lot of interest in people wanting to help, so it makes it all quite exciting!"

Local resident Jess Maynard said "I met Greg at Monkey Park’s Repair Café and he told me he’d set up a social eating café in Nottingham and wanted to set one up in Chesterfield.  I got involved straight away as reducing food waste is something I feel strongly about.  The cafe is a great way of connecting and uniting people in the local community and helping them to build bonds whilst sharing an inexpensive, vegetarian meal.  The profits go to the Foodbank, so the whole enterprise is beneficial both socially and environmentally."

The group are meeting at All Saints Tap at 7pm.

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