North Derbyshire Parents urged to warn their kids of playing on railway lines

Transport police in our area are urging parents to remind their children that railway lines are 'not play areas.'

That's the message that British Transport Police officers in our area are trying to spread, in order to keep youngsters safe during the school holidays.

There are roughly 250 incidents of trespassing on lines every week across the UK, with a third of those involving children between the ages of 11 and 18.

Gary Paulson is a police community support officer who works with schools to get the message across to kids in our area.

He says says there's many dangers involved with going on the railway: "The overhead lines have 25,000 volts of electricity running through them. We all know that 240 volts running through a plug socket is enough to kill a person.

"It's a very dangerous environment. Some of these trespasses unfortunately result in terrible injuries and fatalities. We don't want to have to tell friends, parents and families that somebody has been injured or killed on the railway because they were somewhere they shouldn't have been."

"Trains themselves are quiet these days and can run up to 125 miles per hour. However quick you think you are, you can't get out of the way of a train."


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