North East Derbyshire's MP defends the Government's plans to ease lockdown restrictions

Lee Rowley has been speaking to Peak FM following Boris Johnson's address to the nation.

The MP for North East Derbyshire insists it is the right time for the Government to start easing lockdown restrictions.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister released more details about his plan - including allowing people in England to drive to public spaces, exercise as much as they want, and to meet another person outside if they stay two metres apart.

New guidance tells people to wear face coverings in enclosed spaces, whilst those who can't work from home are being told to return to their jobs from tomorrow.

Lee Rowley told us he feels the tactics make sense;

"Fewer people are going to hospital, and thankfully fewer people are dying.

"That means we can start taking some tentative and initial steps to loosen the lockdown, and I'm supportive of that.

"We've all got to stay aware, stay alert and use our common sense, which will be vital in the coming weeks."

The government has faced criticism over its handling of the pandemic, with the UK death toll being one of the highest in the world.

However, Mr. Rowley has defended the strategy implemented so far;

"There will always be lessons which need to be learnt, and we'll need to do that at the right time.

"We're learning lessons every single day in this process, but I know the Government's trying extremely hard to try and protect people, save lives and support the NHS.

"Every death is a tragedy and one that should be mourned.

"A member of my family has passed away from this virus, and I know this is the case for many others in North East Derbyshire.

"We have managed to stop the spread of this virus though, and have stopped the NHS from being overwhelmed, so we have made progress, but there's a lot more to do yet."



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