Parents in North Derbyshire react to the possibility of their kids returning to school next month

We've spoken to two local residents who feel very differently about the matter.

A North Derbyshire Parent says he won't be sending his children back to school, even if they do re-open next month.

Reducing classroom sizes and keeping children in small groups are some of the measures being considered by the government.

However, Mike Boden-whose children are at high risk of catching Covid-19-doesn't believe schools have the capability to ensure social distancing measures are followed;

"It's impossible to get a young child to understand the fundamentals and the importance of staying two metres apart from someone else, never mind actually putting that into practice."

Mr. Boden has three children who're in reception, Year 1 and Year 5, and says he won't be sending his youngsters back;

"Our eldest is in year five and is classed as high risk, so I don't see how it's safe for them to go back. 

"If the others are exposed to the virus at school, they could come home and potentially pass that on to me child who's in year five, which could have devastating consequences."

Meanwhile, some think that getting their kids back to full time education is the best option.

Jayne Ball, whose daughter goes to Cutthorpe Primary, told us why;

"Everyone's experiences and anxieties from Covid-19 differ.

"I think that we have to trust that the government has taken advice from all the experts in the field, and that they'll put in place suitable framework for schools to adhere to.

"My daughter is currently in Year 6 and the transition to senior school is a scary prospect for her.

"Being out of school and missing out on the valuable work that her teachers and school are putting in to assist with this transition is something which worries me greatly."



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